Classes of Insurance for Motorbike in Thailand

Class 1 (For Bikes under five years of age and 250 cc and above)

Class 1 insurance is basically for Big Bikes insurance consists of complete coverage for your motorcycle and yourself, consists of Personal Accident coverage for demise and dismemberment, offers insurance for Bail Bond, Medical Treatment, Death and Property for Third Party coverage and Coverage on your motorbike. Most of the insurance agencies have a deductible / extra for accidents which might be taken into consideration the insured’s fault.

Class 2+, three+ (For New Bikes - five years of age)

Class 2+ three+ insurance policy might offer cowl for Third Party and Partial coverage in your motorcycle. It has a built in Personal Accident Insurance for demise and dismemberment, offers coverage for Bail Bond, Medical Treatment, Death and Property for Third Party insurance and partial insurance to your motorcycle.

Class 3 (For New Bikes - over 5 years of age)

Class 3 is the handiest insurance to be had for motorcycles over five years of age. The coverage for this form of coverage could provide cover for primarily Third Party. It has a constructed in Personal Accident coverage for Death and dismemberment, gives insurance for Bail Bond, Medical Treatment and Death and Property for Third celebration coverage.

Motorcycle Insurance in Thailand is quite exclusive, there is no full coverage supplied to bikes that are beneath 250cc and complete comprehensive coverage are most effective presented to Big Bikes. For everyday motorcycles 150cc-250cc, coverage agencies endorse and offer 2nd elegance or third class coverage, this is essentially coverage for the third birthday party in place of insurance on your motorbike. 1st class coverage is generally handiest presented to Big Bikes with extra than 250 cc and commonly with a deductible for very own fault injuries.

To locate the great plans for yourself, you should constantly compare between to be had plans and alternatives and additionally check the terms and situations from each of the insurance groups and the OIC very well.

Steps to use for Motorcycle Coverage

Buying motorcycle insurance is easy & easy

To follow for motorcycle coverage, we can need the files from you as below (This applies to each coverage organizations) :

Apply through our website or contact a customer support representative.

Submit a replica of your Passport or Thai Driving License.

Submit a replica of your Green e-book or Registration or Deed of Sale.

Pay Invoice Premium

You’re included.

The authentic files (coverage) might be sent on your mailing address inside 7-14 days

*Some insurance groups ask for pictures of your bike for inspection purposes, that is particularly necessarry for First Class Insurance.

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