What Does Health Insurance in Thailand Cover?

The coverage of your medical insurance plan in Thailand depends on whether it is private or public. Under the public (social security) scheme, you will have comprehensive coverage for most medical procedures and prescription medication. With a private insurance plan, you can choose and customize the amount of coverage you need.

Thai Public Health Insurance Coverage

Thailand’s public medical insurance covers for:

Medical examination and treatment

  • Hospitalization
  • Prescription medicine
  • Ambulance fees
  • Rehabilitation
  • Health promotion
  • Nursing care
  • Lab work and X-rays

It is entirely free of charge if undertaken on the assigned public hospital. In cases of emergencies, you can receive treatment in another public hospital, pay upfront, and then you will be reimbursed by Social Security.

Additionally, you will be covered for maternity and sickness leave:

For maternity, you will receive 50% of your salary for up to 90 days after birth. Only extends to your second pregnancy.

For sickness leave, you will receive 50% of your salary for up to 180 days total per year beyond the “sick days” your employer provides. For more serious illness, such as cancer, this can be extended to 356 days.

Dental coverage

The public medical insurance scheme is Thailand only covers a certain amount for dental expenses, which is usually only enough to cover checkups and minor procedures. For any more serious dental interventions, you will either have to pay yourself or purchase a private health insurance plan with dental coverage.

Thai Private Health Insurance Coverage

Private health insurance plans (domestic and international) offer also coverage for medical treatment, prescription medication, ambulance fees, maternity, and hospitalization, among others. The upgrade is that you can seek treatment in either public or private hospitals in Thailand, as well as have the opportunity to choose your own medical professionals.

In addition, international health insurance companies also cover emergency evacuation or repatriation. Let’s say you are an American expat, living in Thailand, and you wish to receive medical treatment in a hospital back in the US. An international health insurance plan will cover the cost of evacuation, whereas a domestic insurance company will not.

Another matter of importance which concerns expat retirees in Thailand is that many domestic insurance companies will exclude coverage or not sell their policies to senior citizens.

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