What’s the Best Health Insurance for Thailand?

The best type of health insurance for Thailand will depend on your needs and preferences. A combination of both your public social security insurance and an additional private insurance scheme should cover you for any emergencies that can happen, and ensure you are comfortable and well taken care of.

Public insurance: If you do not want the extra cost added, have no problem waiting for a doctor appointment, and are generally healthy, then you can easily carry on with your public insurance scheme. Public healthcare in Thailand is not bad by any means. The doctors are skilled and trained, and its public healthcare system is considered as one of the best in the world, featured on the 2019 list of countries with the best healthcare systems, according to Thai media.

Domestic private insurance: If you want more convenience, the freedom to choose your own doctors and hospitals, a better experience if you need to receive medical treatment, and you do not mind the extra cost, then you should opt for Thai private health insurance. However, this may not be useful for retirees, as many companies exclude coverage for persons over the age of 65.

International health insurance: If you want a wider range of health insurance, not only in Thailand but abroad as well, then you can choose a comprehensive international health insurance plan, which is often the best insurance plan for expats who tend to travel between their country of residence and their home country. You can choose the best Thai health insurance by browsing through different plans online, via online marketplaces such as International Citizens Insurance or Insubuy which allow for easy comparison.

Cost of Health Insurance in Thailand

There are several factors which affect the cost of a health insurance policy, including:

Your age. Senior citizens usually have to pay more for medical insurance than the younger generations.

The amount of coverage you want. The good thing about private insurance is that you can customize and choose how much coverage you want or need. The more coverage, the pricier the policy.

How many people are included in your plan. If you add your family members, then the monthly premiums will be higher.

Whether you choose a domestic or international plan.

Public health insurance, on the other hand, depends on your income. You do not need to pay anything additionally, since the money is taken directly from your salary in the form of social security contributions (5% of the salary).

Am I Eligible for Public Insurance in Thailand If I Am Self-Employed?

Self-employed individuals are also eligible for coverage under the social security scheme if they enroll voluntarily and pay their premium.

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